Guys, I did it.

Lets start off with a mini celebration for ME! (drum roll please...)

I've been accepted into the BYU Advertising Major! BOOYA!
On Monday morning, my friend Caden, who also applied and was accepted, notified me that we could go pick up our letters that would tell us if we got in or not. My heart immediately dropped. I almost threw up my morning spinach smoothie. I went to the Comms office and picked up my letter right away. Then I didn't open it. Yeah, you read that correctly, i DIDN'T open it. I had class, so i quickly slid it in my backpack between my statistics book and all the other useless junk i carry around in my backpack. 
1 hour goes by...
2 hours...
I just couldn't do it. I couldn't open it! I hoped i had made it in, and assumed i had, but i was too scared. What if i didn't make it in! WHAT on earth would i do? I had been praying for weeks that I'd be okay with whatever happened. I prayed to have faith in God's timing. Like it was my job. 

then i cracked.

and i made it. 

here's a picture my friend Matt took of me and my letter:

here's a picture of the letter:

I'm super pumped about it. All my hard work payed off. I am so grateful for all my friends to helped me out with my application and dealt with me in a constant freak-out mood. I can't wait to get this thing goin!!


  1. I had NO idea you were applying. You're going to LOVE the program. And hopefully Caden got in, too.

    You have an amazing 2-3 years ahead. It will change your life :-)

  2. CONGRATS! that's such a big deal.