My NYE is...Blurry.

New Years Eve has always turned out to be a huge let down for me. I don't know why, but year after year of going to parties with friends and trying to make a special night out of the new year, it turns into a huge failure. I think it started way back when i had my first boyfriend and he whimped out kissing me at midnight (haha!). And every year after that has just been lame. So this year i thought i'd just stay home. At 11 p.m. i ended up going to an ice skating rink to celebrate with some friends, but our family had our own celebration early! Fireworks were made legal in Arizona just last year, so my family planned to do some in our front yard at around 8 before all the little kids and the grandparents had to go to bed. My Dad went all out and spent a fortune on fireworks, and we set them off across the street from my house in the dirt part of the groves! We invited all our family and close friends to come over for the celebration! It turned out to be a really great time that i'll never forget!

excuse me for the blurry pictures. I guess you can just pretend you've got your new years eve drunk glasses on?

We brought some hay over from the horses so everyone could sit and watch the show!

View of the front yard from across the street.

My dad struck brilliance by setting up these torches. They made lighting so easy! 

Now, i know it looks like my front yard is on fire, but i swear that gorgeous winter grass is still there!

Little Max couldn't get enough sparklers in his hands. We bought a TON and lit them throughout the night to give to the little kids. This was probably the highlight. Seeing kids be amazed by sparklers was the best. I kind of miss the days when that's all it took to keep my attention for a night!

My Dad. I love him.

Happy New Year everyone!

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