Adventures With Miss Natalie Wall

Every time I'm with Natalie, we are on some kind of adventure. 
The first time i ever hung out with her, we drove up to northern AZ to go to some random guy's mission homecoming. Not only this, but we just slept on his couch, and i met him the next morning. Cool. 
Now he's one of my great friends!

Crazy how things happen. 

She's lived up here in Utah all year and we hadn't gone on very many adventures, so one day she texted me and we went for a cool drive out to this place i love! 
She's an amazing photographer, hence the super neat pictures.
p.s. here's her site: 

I try to make everything i do an adventure, but I'm looking for more activities. I want to experience everything!

I can't get enough of the world around me.

In other news...I'm reading about this Whole Foods Detox thing, and I'm really considering doing it.

What do you think?

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