Glacier National Park 2016

Hike to Avalanche Lake 

Hike to Hidden Lake at Logan Pass

Hike to Grinnell Glacier

Must-do's at Glacier National Park

Drive Going to the Sun Road.

Okay, this isn't that hard to miss. Going to the Sun road is the main road that cuts across the park. So if you're at one side, and want to go to the other, you'll drive it. Also keep in mind that if you are trying to get somewhere, the road can slow down during the day with all the traffic, so account for that when planning. If it is slow, take advantage of it. The views are incredible. We had the opportunity to drive it as the sun was rising, and setting. If you can swing that, I suggest it! Totally magical. 

Stop at Logan Pass.

Logan Pass is a major visitor center in the middle of the park. That's where you stop to hike to Hidden Lake, which we did. If you have time to hike, it absolutely gorgeous. Honestly. It's pretty high in elevation so don't be shocked if there's snow on the ground at any point in the summer. If you can't hike, at least stop and look for Bighorn sheep on the opposite side of the road. We saw them every time we drove by. One early morning we found them close to the road, and were lucky enough to watch them butting heads for a while! Definitely one of the coolest wildlife experiences I've ever had.

Hike Avalanche Lake

To get the full Glacier National Park experience, you have to hike. It's not like Yellowstone, where you can just drive around. You have to get out, hike, or walk places to really see it! Avalanche Lake is a super easy hike. Like, if you were in good shape you could trail run it. Kids can hike it. It's great, easy, and quick.

Get to Grinnell Glacier

There are a million hikes in Glacier National park. Some are longer, and take the better half of the day, but there are other small hikes you can fill the day with. This was the short one we did, and Grinnell Glacier was the long one. As in, 12 miles. But the thing is, you don't have to hike all 12 miles. The trail follows along side 2 lakes on the way to Grinnell Lake, then onto the glacier. You can buy a $26 ticket and take a ferry across the two lakes, with about a quarter mile in-between each, which will take you to Grinnell Lake. Then from there, you can hike up to the glacier if you want. We saw some kids on the trail, so I think a family could do that part. The entire 12 mile hike was pretty dang exhausting. But worth it to us. I mean, the photos speak for themselves! We also saw a grizzly bear and it's cub on the trail...yikes!

Eat Huckleberry Pie at the Huckleberry Patch.

If there's one thing to eat in Montana, it's Huckleberry anything. We stopped more than once at the Huckleberry Patch to get some pie. I don't usually love fruit pie but this was a game-changer.

Talk to park rangers.

Have a question about a hike? Don't know which hike to take? Basically, they're there to help you out. And because they're in the park every single day, they have the ultimate intel on what's going on. Where to see animals, which hike is right for you, everything. So definitely ask them any questions you have!


This is not a joke. Have bear spray with you at all times in the park, even if you plan on staying on the trail. We were just about to go hike Avalanche Lake, and some people who had just come off the trail told us a huge grizzly charged them ON THE TRAIL. About six of them had bear spray, and they stood ready for the bear, but it ended up veering off before it reached them, fortunately. But yeah, bear spray. You need it.


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