Galentines 2016

Throughout high school and college me and my close friends had a tradition of dressing up in old-fashioned dresses and huge hats and going out to brunch for a Galentines Day Tea Party. It wasn't the dressing up part that was fun to me, but it was the whole "celebrating lady friends" part that I liked. So I decided this year to throw a Galentines Day Girls Night.

If you watch Parks and Rec, you know what Galentines Day is. If you don't, This video might help.

I know I usually have pretty good pictures, but I'll have to apologize for these. We were having so much fun that I only snapped a few pictures, and of those, only a couple actually turned out. Hey! I'm no photographer! I tried to do some rescuing but these are the best I could get.

The night was SO MUCH FUN. We had cake, lots of candy, a few substantial foods, a million things to snack on, a "Favorite Things Swap" and my favorite part, a DIY Sugar Scrub Bar!! It made for the perfect girls night. 

I've always been the type of person who liked having a few really good friends over a million acquaintances. Sometimes I hate that because I don't feel like I can be "friends with everyone." I mean, everyone is okay, but I like to put my time and energy into relationships that mean something! Not just pseudo-friendships that get me connections or more likes on Instagram. Maybe that's why I loved this night so much. I can't wait to plan next year's!

Photo from Pinterest.

You can find almost all of my Galentines decoration ideas from my Valentines Pinterest board Here:

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  1. Looks like so much fun. Isn't it the best when things move so fast that you just enjoy yourself instead of worrying about capturing it?