The Holiday Season

Christmas is the best time of year. Sometimes I feel like the whole year leads up to the Christmas season. It's the best though! Everyone is cheery, giving, and more loving! It's absolutely magical. This year had lot of firsts. First Christmas away from my home, first Christmas with Casey's family, first time cutting down our own tree, first time making my family's legendary caramels, and first time making my own wreath, using branches from our tree!

Most of December consisted of Casey studying for finals and me decking the halls, solo. As someone who feels the need to be with people often, this was a struggle. At first I would panic at how much casey would be at school studying, reviewing, preparing for finals, which meant he wouldn't be with me. Helloooo needy wife! Haha in all seriousness, it was a struggle. But from struggle comes growth, right? I think he could see how terribly I was handling it because for our Christmas date, he surprised me with tickets to The Nutcracker! Man, that's love.

What made the season really special was the endless opportunities to serve, the time we took to reflect on the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, His life, and being with people who we love. I think it's easy for us to have the "spirit of Christmas" during the month of December because of these things. I think the real trick is keeping the spirit of service, love, and charity throughout the rest of the year! Yeah, that's the trick isn't it. But how do we do it?


  1. all of these pictures are so gorgeous! I'm a little sad that it is time to put away Christmas decorations.
    - Ashley

  2. You're right about the tricky thing being remembering the true reason for the season! I vote we just keep it "The Holidays" a little while longer!

  3. Awe you guys are so cute. I love the cozy vibe in this photo :)

  4. Love your gift wrap. You are so talented!