Cutting Down Our Christmas Tree

This year we were lucky enough to cut down our very own Christmas tree. And by lucky I mean I woke up at 4 am to wait in line outside in the 16˚ morning to buy a tree pass. No regrets, it was SO worth it! I knew cutting down our tree for the first time was something we wanted to remember, and I wanted to send out a Christmas card to close friends and family, so I thought I'd knock em both out at the same time. My friend Austin is an incredible photographer who loves photographing the beauty of the outside, so I knew he'd be perfect to tag along and take some pictures, and he'd actually enjoy it!

I'm so so happy with how the pictures turned out, but I know that if we hadn't had a photographer there to capture our fun adventure, it still would've been a memorable fun adventure! I'm not one who feels like I need to have a photoshoot for every event in my life, but it's fun to have some quality pictures of our little family for the memories.

To see more of Austin's photo skillz follow his personal Instagram account or if you love gorgeous outdoor photography, his film account. Like what you see? Shoot him an email to request booking information ( 



  1. oh my gosh. All of these pictures are so gorgeous.

  2. A.) I love the exposure in this photography. Definitely looking your friend up.
    B.) Do you live in Utah? Or where is this tree farm?

    Sorry for blog stalking hahaha

    1. I know, right? He's amazing! Yeah we live in Utah. This wasn't a tree farm though! We got a pass and hiked through national forest to cut it down!

    2. Holy cow!!! You guys were like, scavengers haha! That's awesome. I think next year I want to try that :) We've never had a real Christmas tree!