Uintas and Moosehorn Lake

Here are some pictures from our camping trip this weekend. It was short, but man was it sweet. We drove up to the Uintas thinking we'd be able to find a camp site somewhere, but it was SO busy that we ended up driving off the road a little bit and making a campsite of our own. I like that better anyway. I love it up there because there are a million different areas to camp, and SO many little lakes. You can hop from lake to lake and just sort of explore around! I'd like to take more than a weekend sometime and see more of the lakes.

I don't know why this happens but it always seems like we don't go camping till the end of summer then wish we had gone so much more! It's especially fun to go with friends. We're lucky to have adventurous friends who like to camp and fish and hike and just chill in the woods. You'd be surprised how uncommon it is to find people who actually like to be in wilderness. Unfortunately I was sick, but I loved just lounging around napping by the lake while the boys fished. It was absolutely glorious.

A huge misconception people have about camping is that you have to eat like crap. I mean, yeah, who doesn't want hot dogs and s'mores over a camp fire, but let's get real, if you eat nothing but junk all weekend and the only toilet you have is a tree a few minutes up the mountain, you're not going to be a happy camper. We always like to try new things for our meals, and since this time we were car camping (last time we backpacked in) we had a little more room to pack some good food and supplies. These included bacon, eggs, OJ, fruit, hot dogs, baked beans, tons of treats, trail mix, stuff for sandwiches, water, healthy snacks, unhealthy snacks, and all the cooking supplies we needed to feel comfortable. I will tell you there's nothing like mountain eggs cooked with bacon grease (so yummy). We also brought one of those Costco almost-pre-made salads along so we didn't feel like total garbage by the end.  

I get excited thinking about the camping supplies we will accumulate over the years, and how rich with memories we will be at the end of our lives from all the greats trips with friends and family!

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