Hawaii 2015

We went to Hawaii like 3 months ago, and I've finally gone back and picked out my favorite pictures to share with you guys! We went around Spring Break time, which was perfect because then my friend over there (Kaitlyn) could show us around the island and hang! Also, after 5 years of attending BYU (where we had no Spring Break) I was happy to be able to go on a spring vacation! Anyway, here are a few highlights!

Hanauma Bay: Snorkel Central! You are guaranteed to see tons of cool fish! Can get crowded though! (A couple bucks each for entrance. Worth it to go once!)

Koko Head Hike: The most miserable, but rewarding hike. You walk like 2 minutes from car, then get to the bottom of these stairs. Then, it begins. Like a mega-stair climber for 30ish minutes. The view on the other side of the mountain is AMAZING. No joke. 

Before you get all weird about the fact that we went to Hawaii although we are clearly young, in school, and very poor, you should know that we were definitely "Ballin on a Budget" for this trip! I think we spent around $1000-$1200. We took cheap flights out of Vegas, shared a carry-on, stayed with a friend, and mostly just went to the beach or hiked. The only thing we spent money on was food! Rewind back 2 years ago, when we were lucky enough to go to Hawaii with my parents. We did so many fun, amazing, tourist-y things (aka the pricey stuff). So when we went back this time, we had already done pretty much everything that you'd have to pay for. We were also staying on the opposite side of the island in Honolulu so we visited different beaches, and got do to a lot more of the less-touristy, local stuff. It was a great week-long getaway!! 

Makapu'u Lighthouse Trail: Really easy "hike" (more like walk) up a paved road to a lighthouse with GREAT view! These pictures are on the way up, where we stopped to watch whales! There are also some pots on the way up that are like little pools you can swim in. We forgot to wear our suits so we skipped out on those. If went again though, we would for sure hike down to them!

Maunawili Falls: Cool hike through the jungle to some cool waterfalls, and a SUPER HIGH CLIFF that you jump off of. To be honest, it took me like 5 minutes to be able to jump. I'm not usually afraid of heights but I JUST COULDN'T. I honestly don't even remember jumping. I must have blacked out during that part. I thought I was brave and adventurous but GUESS NOT.

Pipeline/Sunset Beach: Last time I was at this beach I was TOTALLY TRASHED by these waves. I was so scared to go in this year, but I felt better knowing that I was already married to this guy, so if anything embarrassing happened he couldn't break up with me for it. It was fun watching surfers and some crazy whales out in the distance! 

Shark's Cove: Love snorkeling with my babe! Pretty cool/shallow area!

(Secret?) Beach: I actually have no idea where we spent our last day. It was some beach way far away that Kaitlyn and Scott took us to. It was SO cool because there was like a total of 10 people there. This was also the first place I thought I could've lost my wedding ring (AHHHHHH!). Other than that it was absolutely glorious.

Special thanks to Kaitlyn and Scott for letting us stay with them. It was so great to see my best friend again. Growing up I spent almost every day of the summer, and every Saturday at her house in the pool. It was fun to spend so much time with her and Scott! They introduced us to the most delicious and dangerous thing possible: Beach Snacks. We don't really keep "snacks" at out house because we're both big snackers and everything would be gone way fast. So when we had snacks on us all day every day, it was easy to eat our weight in Cheese-It's, Doritos, and any other treat we could get our hands on. We came home 10 lbs heavier, and 100% happier!

Key takeaways from this trip: DON'T overpack, and have a friend who lives in Hawaii. 


  1. This makes me so excited for our honeymoon in Kauai this august!

  2. The ruffled floral swimsuit is so cute!

  3. Ah!!! Makes me miss Hawaii so much. These shots are beautiful.

  4. Where did you get your swimsuit from? I LOVE it!

    1. I got it from Palm Palm Swim! Here's their online shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/PALMPALMSWIM