Traditions make the holidays

This year I didn't do much Christmas stuff. I didn't go look at lights, didn't see the Nutcracker, didn't build gingerbread houses, or help mom decorate the house while listening to classic Christmas tunes, and I didn't even have a nativity with my family! So coming home for Christmas felt kinda weird. In addition to the lack of Christmas activity, this year I would be the only child at home. After a whole lifetime of having tons of siblings around for the holidays, this Christmas felt sort of lonely.

It turned out that my brother's wife had a baby, and my other brother's family missed their flight to Mexico, so we wound up having family over on Christmas Day. But what I learned from all that is that the traditions of Christmas are what make the season feel like Christmas! And I'll be sure to make more time for those next year.

My sister's dog had puppies! AND I LOVE THEM. 

Christmas Day//Talking to our elder 

Mom got us matching shirts!

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