Mt Olympus

With only a few weeks before school starts, me and Casey made a decision to do something really cool every weekend. Last week that was hiking Mt Olympus. He really freaked me out before, and had me convinced I couldn't do it, or it would be the hardest thing I had ever done. I had been sick for like a month, and my body still wasn't back 100%. But I decided to do it. We left around 4 in the morning so we could make it up for sunrise.

Everyone told me it was like, "being on a StairMaster for 2 hours." Well, It was incredibly hard. But man oh man was it worth it. Some people hike for fitness, some hike to see something. I hike to see something, and what I saw was worth every painful, exhausted step.

This summer I really learned to appreciate the beauty of Utah summers. Instead simply wanting to get outside and do something, I've found myself craving Utah. I've always had a bit of a bad taste in my mouth for Utah because of how miserable the winters can get, but I think I've finally learned to love it here. I mean look at it! It's incredible! If you're in Utah, you have to do this.



  1. best hike!! i grew up on mount olympus way with the perfect view of that beauty so it's near & dear to my heart and now you made me miss it! xoxo

  2. your pictures make really make me want to hike mt olympus! it looks gorgeous

  3. Your pictures are stunning, I love look at hiking pics... they're my favorite.
    Anyways, AWESOME blog! You have so much beauty & character. Never stop adventuring! <3
    xoxo- Natalie