A Day in the Mind of a Sick College Girl

It all starts when you think you might be starting to get sick. First thoughts are, "Oh, I better not kiss anyone!" and your second is "hahaha OH right, I don't have anyone to kiss." You do everything in your power to not get sick. Going to bed at 1am instead of 3am, eating less popcorn and more 'soup', and by soup of course you're thinking Top Ramen. If you're really serious, you'll head to the store and get some Vitamin C supplements, and Orange Juice. But despite your efforts, you get sick. All those late night 'studying' and every excuse you've made up to skip the gym have added up, and there you are, in your bed, hardly able to move, sick.

At first you want to die. You're stressed. What about school? What about work? What about those plans I had with that super hott guy Thursday night? This is literally the worst thing that could happen to me right now. Then you realize how much time you have. You have time to catch up on the latest New Girl season, start Revenge on Netflix, and watch Pitch Perfect for the 3rd time...this week. This goes on for a day or two, but who really knows where days stop and nights start? Your life has turned into a continuous pattern of checking all social media platforms, pressing the 'Next Episode' button on Netflix, and falling in and out of low quality naps.

Then you go through a short phase of wanting to be productive. Maybe you'll get out some homework, and then end up on Craigslist looking for internships this summer in LA, or planning an hypothetical backpacking trip to Europe this summer with your best gal pals or your imaginary boyfriend. Speaking of boyfriend, you're back on Pinterest, doing some work on your wedding pin board. You get all the way down to the bottom of the page, to the point where it won't 'fetch' anymore pins. That's when you know it's bad.

Because you're sick, in bed, and running out of things to do, you keep texting the same guy over and over and over, without waiting for him to respond. Thats right, breaking the rules of texting, living on the edge. You're a needy texter, so what. You're pretty sure he already likes you. But if not, who cares, what do you have to lose? You're on enough meds to think that by 'being yourself', you're invincible. 

Then a random guy from one of your classes texts you and asks to come over. He says he has something he knows will make you feel better. You're not sure what it actually is, but you're a little nervous. Maybe he'll come over and shoot you. Maybe it'll be ice cream. You don't like eating ice cream unless it's for dessert. But for one reason or another, right now you're totally into it. And then maybe you'll turn into one of those girls. You know, one of those girls who sits in bed all day eating ice cream out of the carton, and watching Downton Abbey all day. And then the next thing you know, you're listening to Justin Bieber's new acoustic album and designing beaded jewelry to sell on your friend's Mormon fashion blog. You need to use the restroom. All that weird herbal tea and orange juice has got you going to the bathroom every 10 minutes I swear. But you can't go because what if he get here while you're in the bathroom. Then you'll never know what he came to bring you! Or maybe he'll come in and murder you, so it wouldn't matter either way.


Whew. It's only popsicles.

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