A Touché Reunion

Freshman Year. The most confusing, yet exciting year of college. I was lucky to be surrounded by the most amazing people. We weren't the typical freshman ward, with all the drama, sexual tension, and secret hookups (don't get me wrong, we had hookups, but the whole 'don't kiss and tell' thing was a concept nobody even acknowledged).

We were all different. All completely different from each other! That's what freshman year is about, isn't it? Getting a group of kids together that have nothing in common except the fact that it is their first year at the same university. How else could you get a star quarterback from California, a total farming spud from Idaho, a skiing enthusiast from Washington, and a Kentucky-born individual who would come to be called 'Dick Baby' together, AND find girls to hang out with them?

Remember Touché Week 2010? (If you don't get what touché is, check out that post.) It was one of the best weeks of freshman year. Most of the boys are back from missions so we decided to have a Touché themed reunion at Denny's. And boy was it touché.

Touché reminds us all that we shouldn't care what others think. We are each individuals and we have the right to be whoever we want. I think that's something we all forget every once in a while. We forget to be an individual. Especially at this stage in our lives, it's easy to get caught in the trend wheel, just accepting and turning out whatever trend comes our way. Clothes, music, interests, whatever the 'new thing' is, can all consume our lives at times. But I think it's important that we remember to be a complete individual. That's the one single thing nobody can take from us. Anyone can go to the store and buy the same clothes, listen to the same music, say the same things. There is always going to be someone better than you at something, or some girl prettier than you, but nobody ever ever EVER will be you. That is the one thing nobody can take away. I think if we all just accept that and remember it, life would be a lot easier and I promise you it will be a lot more enjoyable. As far as freshman year goes, we've all changed. But really, nothing's changed. We're all just as touché as we used to be.

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