Define Yourself.

It's interesting how we define ourselves. Whether by the activities we are involved in, or the clothes we wear, how we style our hair, or the people we relate to. We are always defining ourselves in different ways.

Through the last 3 years of my life, I've been looking for a single way to define myself. This is college, right? These are the years where we discover who we are. Why shouldn't I be able to figure out one thing, just one thing to define who I am? What I didn't realize till now is that though some things in my life stay constant, such as my religious beliefs, my morals, standards, and some other basic beliefs, but other than those things, I am constantly changing, and it's okay.

I look around at people and feel like they all have a 'thing'. You know, everyone has their 'thing' that sort of defines them. I always felt like I never had a 'thing'. I mean, growing up I was a little athlete, then I was the cellist up till the past year or so, but what now?

The thing is, there is no thing. I can try, I can say music, simplicity, art, people, my bullet necklace, my curly hair. But there are tons of things, and they're always changing! I think it's good. It means we can grow. I don't really know how to wrap this up, I guess these are just some random thoughts I had, spurred from discovering that I am completely in love with Peter Pan collars and ponytail braids.

Me with my cousins Chloe (left) and Abby (right). They called us 'The Three Little Girls'. 

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