Kick, Push, Coast...

When I was little I was probably the most boyish little girl you'd ever seen. I was straight tomboy. Every day I was skating around the neighborhood, playing football, and wearing my hat backwards. 

yep, this was basically it. I hung out with these boys every day. I am sure I had the best childhood ever. 

Fortunately, I somehow learned how to be a girl, and I turned out just fine. But you know, some things just never leave you. 


I'm not going to lie, I was never good at it. But I'm surrounded by super talented people who love to skate, and I really like it! Makes me feel at home. AJ showed me some videos the other day that I can't stop watching. I don't care who you are or what you're into, you'll find this impressive. These guys have got talent, class, and I love how artistic they can make these skate videos. Enjoy! 

Kilian Martin. Prime time. 

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