Cruisin 2012

The reason I've been so MIA this week is because I was on a cruise in Mexico! Sounds like fun, right? Well, IT WAS. It was the greatest time. I was with the best people, doing the greatest things, having a grand time. Okay lets be real it was one giant party. From endless amounts of soft serve ice cream to sleepy cuddles and hilarious jokes, every minute was incredible. I'll give you a run down of some of the adventures we had!

lets start off with one of the highlights. Me getting totally rocked by this wave at Lover's Beach. There's a reason they put up signs that say to stay out of the water. 

Lover's Beach

The aftermath.

We went deep sea fishing one morning. Even though we didn't catch anything too big, we made a friend!

Sunsets from the boat were incredible. We loved those robes!

Unlimited soft serve ice cream. Thank you VERY much. 

It was an exciting thing to see what Luke was wearing any given day.

We paid this guy to take us around on his boat to a few beaches. We snorkeled and had other great adventures! He made us wear life jackets but they only lasted about 20 minutes. 

We saw a mountain, so we hiked to the top of it. Doug, Erik, and I make a great team. 

Spirit animal?

See that cliff to the left? We jumped off it. 
See that boat to the right? We lived on it.

One day on land, we rented ATVs and drove through the jungle where they filmed Predator to a private natural pool. This was one of the best, if not THE best day of the cruise. 

Overall it was one giant party. We'd wake up, I'd eat insane amounts of pineapple at every hour of the day, we'd lounge and play, run around the boat or Mexico, dinner, and then we'd hit the club. Sorry for not adding more detail but lets be honest people like pictures. 

I miss these people and i'll never forget the crazy memories we made on this fun trip!


  1. booze cruise 2o12 4 lyfeeee. RIP HERBSTICK.

  2. one. i'm jealous of your cruise status. two. 24hr soft serve ice-cream is a dream come true. three. your black & white swimsuit is to die for cute. holddddd up!! you went with those guys?! i know luke and some of the others that went too, tanner, sarah, richie. looks/sounds like such a fabulous trip!