Here's the thing. I feel like i've got nothing to blog about. My life really isn't that interesting! I mean, it totally is to me, because i find humor in everyday occurrences, and laugh at basically everything. Being entertained way too easily doesn't hurt either. 

I always find myself thinking, why would someone think my life is interesting at all? I've been told that I'm an interesting person, but i still don't get it. I think everyone is trying to figure out a way to separate themselves from everyone else in the world. Everyone wants to be different from anyone else on this earth. Everyone wants to be the special one, the exception. At least thats how it is for me! A total non-conformist. Or so i'd like to think.

But in this last year, i've done an incredible amount of growing. Not only have i become more independent, but i've really come to know myself better than ever. I hate wearing shoes. I like showering before i go to bed. I love when i can see the moon in the daytime. If i can't see the moon at night, i get nervous. One of my greatest fears is letting people down. I become hopelessly vulnerable after watching the Notebook, Pearl Harbor, or the Holiday. I've got unusually low self esteem too often, which is stupid i am actually pretty awesome

I really don't care what anyone thinks of me. I want to be the best for me, not for anyone else.



  1. we should probably be friends so a little bit of your coolness will rub off on me.

  2. yeah i think you're pretty cool too. my life is boring as well, but having a blog make is a billion times cooler (at least to me) and i think it's fun to pretend people care haha. but seriously! you're cool.